So as a first of it won’t be fiction but a rather simple recipe for a fun addition to coffee drinks.

This foam works both hot and cold and will keep 1 week or so in the fridge.


  • 250ml Cold Brew Coffee (Strong) use a medium roast with high flavor and low acidity when creating the cold brew.
  • 1,422g Gelatin (European standard, for those in the us use about 1,875 bloom 170)
  • 0.5g Xanthan Gum


  • Hot/Cold Whipping Sifon 0.5l volume
  • Digital Scale
  • Blender
  • N20 Cartridge

Heat the coldbrew lightly, just enough to dissolve the gelatin, once dissolved transfer to a blender and blend in Xanthan Gum.

For a sweet foam add your favorite sweeter in moderate amounts during blending, the recommendation is to keep it pure coffee flavor for a first batch.

Once the liquid is homogeneous transfer it to the sifon and use 1 cartridge n20, shake well and store it at the desired temperatur for use.

A cold foam on top of a light milk foam to top off a cappuccino can give a pretty nice effect.

Pictures will arrive when I have the time.

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