Soft-boiled Egg “Dinner”

This one comes in two flavors, the simple and the “look” i have fancy gadgets.

So a perfect soft-boiled egg is a great and simple dish, but with out something additional, you need more than a few for it to be anything other than a starter or an addition.

Here the idea is to enhance it but still keep the focus on the egg.


  • 2 Eggs per person (I suggest going for largest eggs you can find for this recipe)
  • about 5 fresh green asparagus per egg.
  • 1 very good french baguette.
  • Black or White Truffles
  • Clarified Butter


  • 1 Good quality large pan (I recommend cast iron)
  • 1 Pot for cooking eggs
  • Medium fine small grate for your Truffles.
  • Optional: Sous Vide setup for the “perfect egg”
  • Oven.


  1. Trim the asparagus and wash them well, do not peel or skin them, but clean and dry.
  2. Cut thing sticks of baguette and brush with melted butter.
  3. Roast the sticks in the oven at 200 degrees Celcius until golden brown.
  4. Cook the eggs:
    1. Fancy Gadgets – Use your favorite recipe for Sous Vide softboiled eggs
    2. Classical, there are 1000+ ways to softboil an egg, i personally prefer to let the water boil then turn off the heat an add the egg wait 5min and 30sec and then chill for 20sec in ice cold water.
  5. Heat the frying pan to high heat, it should be ready about 4 min before eggs are perfect.
  6. Add the clarified butter and fry the asparagus so the tops become crisp but the stalks remain crunchy about 1 min on each side should do.
  7. Move asparagus to a clean cloth to drip off the excess butter
  8. Plate and Serve – I recommend 2 bread sticks and 5 asparagus per egg, remember to grate a nice amount of truffles on each plate.

If you don’t have it for breakfast i recommend a glass (or two) of “Pol Roger Champagne, Brut” as companion for this, they come in 37.5cl bottles, which is perfect if your doing the dish for 2.


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